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RISE Premium Dual-Motor Desk



RISE Light Dual-Motor Desk

$429.00 $529.00


RISE Dual Motor Desk: Economy Edition

$399.00 $499.00


Apollo Ergonomic Office Chair - Comet v1

$329.00 $399.00

Apollo Ergonomic Office Chair



Mobile Pedestal

$155.00 $225.00

Dual Monitor Arm - New!


Slim Mobile Pedestal


Acrylic Hygiene Panels


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What customers are saying...

“I use my stand up desk at least 9-10 hours every single day and find myself standing and sitting easily throughout the day. I would choose this product over and over again and have recommended it to several of my co-workers. Thank you EasyErgo for making the work from home reality a much more comfortable and healthy experience.”

“This chair is wonderful so far! I’ve only used it a couple days but it’s 200% better than a chair I bought off Amazon and returned. I’m short and needed to be able to adjust a chair to me. This chair fits the bill. Bonus - my butt doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall off after sitting in it after a couple of hours. I’ve sat in the chair almost 11 hours today and I’m fine.”

“I brought my wife over for the grand reveal and we tried out the height adjustment. Immediately I was impressed with the quiet motors. The standing desks everyone has at work are very noisy and you can hear folks changing their desk heights from across the room. This desk has really quiet motors, and is very sturdy. I have recommended EasyErgo to several colleagues at work and will definitely keep them in mind for any future office expansions at our home.”

“I am happy with my purchase and would like to give the Apollo chair five stars for it's steady construction, comfort, quality and clean, modern look. The customer support is great. Nick was prompt, friendly and courteous. Shipping was fast, the chair arrived undamaged and was easy to assemble. Thank you guys!”

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5-Year Warranty

Affordably Priced

Strong Lift Capacity

Assembles In Minutes

Stable At Any Height

Silent Operating System

Evolving the Workplace

Improve your office environment with ergonomic design.

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