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Employee using a standing desk

5 Reasons to Use a Standing Desk

Are you looking for a new desk? Do you want one that is beautiful, functional, and not too expensive? How about one that helps you work better? Those are four reasons right there to consider using a standing desk! They are becoming the new office standard. Here are five more good reasons, and a bit more information, to convince you to get the best stand up desk that you can find—just in case you were still wondering why you need to take a stand.

Humans sit too much. We can always find reasons to sit down. We sit in the car on the way to work, we sit at work, we sit to eat, and for entertainment. Sometimes we even sit at the gym, either on an exercise mat or a stationary bike. Too much sitting is not good for us. The best stand up desk can reduce the amount of sitting we do, thereby lowering some of the harmful effects that are brought on by doing too much of the same thing.

People who stand more gain less. Weight gain is caused by taking in more calories than you can burn. People who change their habits to stand more, as with the best stand up desk, become more conscious of their amount of daily movement. They move more, burn more calories, and gain less weight overall.  In fact, sitting for long periods of time is linked with a greater risk of obesity and metabolic disease, among other things, but standing can burn 1000 extra calories per week. That’s 200 more per day!

Lowered blood sugar, lower risk of heart disease. It doesn’t just help keep the weight off; standing at your desk can also help lower your blood sugar and cholesterol. In turn, standing at the best stand up desk can lower the risk of heart disease. All these benefits work together to increase overall health.

Reduced back pain. Making changes from sitting to standing every 30 minutes can help ease back pain. Transitioning from a traditional desk to the best stand up desk for your height and personal specifications can help you work better with less pain throughout the day.

Increased productivity, better mood, greater energy levels! It may seem like these benefits would not be the case, but in fact, those who stand up to work at the best stand up desk are focusing on their energies better than those who are seated. And standing has been shown to increase productivity and energy, in turn improving mood and workplace morale.

Why not get desks where everyone just feels better? It’s not just about standing or sitting; the desks are adjustable to everyone’s specifications. What more could you want? What more would your boss want? But in case you are thinking that just changing over to the best stand up desk might be too much too soon, it is possible to ease into it gradually with an adjustable desk. Get one from EasyErgo that can change easily and quickly from a standing desk to a seated desk that is always at just the right angle.

For more information, reach out to us at EasyErgo and get the best stand up desk for your team!