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Cheap Vs. Affordable: The Differences Can Cost You

Cheap Vs. Affordable: The Differences Can Cost You

When it comes to outfitting an entire company of employees with adjustable-height standing desks, there’s no question one of the biggest concerns is budget, aka cost. We hear it all the time when an early-stage company tales on a recent round of funding. Securing a Series A or a Series B round of funding is a huge feat, and so it should be spent accordingly.

In tech hotspots like San Jose and San Francisco, standing desks are quickly becoming the new office furniture standard. When it comes to recruiting new talent, nothing says “we care about our team” like an ergonomic-centric workstation. The additional comfort provided by an ergo setup helps keep employees happy, healthy, and ultimately more productive throughout the day.

So, if you’re an office manager tasked with evaluating adjustable height desks for the team, you’ve likely come across a huge range of options. Somewhere between the cheap, rickety options and the insanely expensive ones, there is another more affordable option.

So what separates the cheap from the affordable?


Standing desks are designed to be able to support a fair amount of weight, sometimes up to 300 lbs for the high-end model. It’s fair to say one of the most important qualities of any reliable standing desk is the ability to withstand a beating. From a robust dual-motor base to high-quality tabletops, the integrity of a standing desk is key. A cheap standing desk will fall short whereas an affordable is the perfect comprise.  


It’s no longer enough to simply slap on a 48” piece of particle board and call it a day (it never was, actually). An affordable standing is composed of an attractive and functional design. From top to base, there’s no comprise.


One key component that cannot be stressed enough actually happens after the desks are purchased, and that is customer service. What happens if something with your order is incorrect? Whether to address any issues with your standing desk or to make a special request, it’s important to be able to reach the right person, fast. A product that is too “cheap” likely does not come with reputable service. Purchasing standing desks from these companies means that once you buy your desk, the desk along with any future problems, are both yours to keep. 

The solution? An Affordable standing desk option that encompasses quality, design, and a reputable follow-up service.