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The Standing Desk that Goes With Any Interior

The Standing Desk that Goes With Any Interior

Planning for an upcoming office move? In need of standing desks for new hires? Depending on your budget, you may or may not have access to a design expert to help you select the best furniture design. For those who go it alone, there are so many factors to consider when choosing desk specifications that it can easily be overwhelming.

First, you must find the right vendor that meets quality and customer service standards. Then, determine how many units, but be sure you order a few extra if you are planning to hire in the near-future. The last part tends to be the hard part, and that’s choosing the right design specs to match your new office interior.

Between choosing the most suitable size and color scheme, there are just so many possible options. Not to mention determining everything else to go along with the workstation, such as chairs, cabinets, electrical components, cable management solutions - the list goes on!

The first option is to simply let us design your desk for you! Of course, there are certain criteria we’ll need to know. Budget is almost always an important factor. We’re happy to work with any budget to get you the best standing desk for your team. We’ll explain which specs are the most cost-efficient and which options are really just ‘nice to have.’

But there’s another even easier option:

For those looking for the simplest and most cost-efficient design, you almost can’t wrong with a classic all-White standing desk. A White standing desk goes with just about any interior design. It’s a modern, clean look. Who doesn’t like a modern and clean-looking office space? Consider pairing a White top with Gray base for a little contrast.

Next, you’ll just need to determine the best size for your standing desk. Of course, the most important factor to consider here is your actual space and the layout. You’ll want to make sure you are making the best use of available space. Here’s a tip: the 48”x30” standing desk is pretty much the standard when it comes to employee workstations. Hence why we call our ‘The Staffer’.

Lastly, you’ll want to determine whether you’re employee workstations require a 3-stage dual-motor or a 2-stage dual-motor. Either way, you’ll likely want to stay away from Single-motor options, as they typically aren’t cut out for daily use and abuse in a corporate office environment. A Dual-Motor base provides a more stable platform with better weight distribution, which is especially important if your team requires multiple monitors and other desktop items. 3-stage RISE desks are best for heavier weight requirements, while our 2-stage RISE Light Dual-Motor edition is ideal for those with lighter work-loads.

So there you have it - a classic All-White color standing desk with a 48”x30” tabletop is your safest bet for a design-neutral and cost-effective standing desk workstation. It really is the Swiss-army knife of standing desk designs!