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Transform Your Office with Stand-Up Desks

Transform Your Office with Stand-Up Desks

More and more offices are getting rid of the traditional sit-down desk to buy the innovative stand-up office desk because, simply put, they’re a popular advocate for wellness in the workplace. If you’re looking to transform your office with stand-up desks you’ve come to the right place. 

Why is Standing a Great Alternative?

The medical community and other research groups started the movement to get workers and students to break free from the dangerous sit-down desk around 2014. Research found that the health risks of sitting were more dangerous than smoking.  This is when a stand-up office desk started becoming popular.

But health concerns aren’t the only reason standing up is better than sitting down. Researchers discovered after a study of school-aged children that they were more engaged and attentive when they were standing. Thus, if you want to increase productivity and remove distractions buying your employees each a stand-up office desk is a suitable place to start.  

What About Standing Too Long?

You might be wondering about potential neck and back issues with using a stand-up office desk for work. To avoid this, you can make sure everyone in your office is educated on how to stand properly to reduce muscle and eye strain. You can also get anti-fatigue mats. They’re used in industries where employees stand for extended periods of time such as product lines. They improve blood flow, thus reducing discomfort. 

Some employees might not be right for a stand-up office desk, or they might need to alternate between standing and sitting. Before you transform your office with standing desks make sure you take this into consideration and leave other options open, and don’t get rid of all sitting desks. 

Specialty Designed Desks

For maximum comfort, the employee using the stand-up office desk should have their arms at a 90-degree angle. The computer screen needs to be 20-28 inches away from their face and at eye level, so they don’t strain their neck. The table height should be slightly below elbow height. 

Your employees will have different heights, so you need to consider this too. You can’t get a one size fits all stand up office desk. They need to be adjustable-height as well because you won’t always have the same employees either.

There are places where you can get your stand-up office desk designed. This way you can make sure they’re adaptable for all who currently work in the office; and future employees.  

To recap, getting a stand-up office desk for each of your employees is better for their health. It also increases productivity and morale in the office. However, you need to consider what we talked about above, so you don’t invest in standing desks only to find they’re not ideal.

If you want to transform your office with a stand-up office desk for each employee, we can help. At EasyErgo, we can design highly adjustable standing desks based on your preferences. Our pricing is also very affordable. To order your design or speak with a customer service rep you can visit our website.