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What to Consider Before Buying an Adjustable Stand up Desk

What to Consider Before Buying an Adjustable Stand up Desk

With the growth of the adjustable standing desk industry in recent years, figuring out which kind you should get can be overwhelming. This is why we’ve put together a list of things you should consider before you buy an adjustable stand-up desk.

Below are tips to help you choose which type of adjustable standing desk is best for you.

Before Buying an Adjustable Standing Desk

Rest assured that you have plenty of options when it comes to how you stand while you work. This may sound daunting, but it’s a much better alternative to sitting disease.

  1. Try Standing for Long Periods Before You Buy a Standing Desk

Before you buy an adjustable standing desk make sure that standing for long hours will work for you. Although standing is healthier, if you’re worried about sitting too much you want to make sure this set up will be comfortable and you’ll be able to actually work. You can try standing at a counter or dresser at home with your laptop.

  1. Types of Adjustable Standing Desks

There are different types of standing desks with different features. 

  • Adjustable Height Free Standing Desks: With this type of adjustable standing desk, it’s quick and easy to adjust the height while keeping all your Knick knacks, monitor, and keyboard in place. Most have electric motors, but there are some with counterbalance mechanisms.
  • Adjustable Standing Desk Add-ons: If you’re on a budget or you want to keep your sitting desk there are models that hover above your current desktop on a swing-arm type mechanism or over above your desk. The problem with this type of standing desk is it can overtake your desktop, and some don’t optimize your monitor and keyboard placement.
  • Fixed Height Desktop Risers: This kind of adjustable standing desk is essentially an elevated platform you can put on your sit-down desk. Most of these add-ons fold up making them portable, making them ideal if you have a mobile workstyle. You can adjust the height, but you’ll have to clear your desktop to adjust the hardware.
  • Sit/Stand/Recline Adjustable Standing Desk: With this desk, you can sit, stand, and recline. They are a niche product, but if you have any health issues such as chronic neck pain or severe back pain this desk is a satisfactory solution. 
  1. How Important is Noise?

If you get a manually adjustable standing desk, they can make noises when you adjust them.  Some are loud, metallic noises, but some electronically powered desks have noisy motors too. At home, this shouldn’t be an issue, but it might be if you share your workspace with other people.

  1. Consider Your Preferred Features

Buying an adjustable standing desk is a fairly significant purchase, so you want to be sure you pick one with options, features, and accessories you’ll be happy with long term. 

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