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Acrylic Hygiene Panels

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Acrylic Hygiene Panels

Acrylic Hygiene Panels

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Our U-shaped Hygiene Panels encapsulate employee workstations to provide a more hygienic workspace and help stop the spread of harmful germs. Unlike most Acrylic panel solutions, our Hygiene Panels are composed of multiple smaller panels connected together to form a “U” shape. By sitting on top of work surfaces, our panels are quick and easy to install, not intrusive, and do not require any special tools or alterations to existing furniture.

Please note that we require a minimum order quantity of 5 units per order. 

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Estimated shipping time is currently 2-4 weeks

Help stop the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria.

Easy to install and even easier to clean, our Acrylic Hygiene panels provide a barrier to help trap harmful germs from spreading throughout the office, providing your team with a healthier and safer working environment. 

Stay healthy. Work smarter.

Protect your workspace and work safer

  • Anti-germ

    Curbs the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses

  • Non-intrusive

    U-shaped design overlays on top of each work surface instead of attaching to it

  • Install Easily

    Simple design makes for a quick installation with minimal distraction

  • Made to order

    With custom sizing available, one size doesn’t have to fit all

Elegant Bacteria-Free Design

Work safely and securely with our elegant bacteria-free panel design.

https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/2522/3650/t/17/assets/acf.line-art-02.jpg?v=1598265132 #
  • Acrylic material

    Anti-germ properties
  • Custom sizes

    Tell us your desk size and let us handle the rest
  • Cross-functional

    Dry erase friendly provides secondary use as a planning board
  • Quick Installation

    Simple and easy to install and non-intrusive to existing furniture