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Know the Different Types of Stand-Up Desks

Know the Different Types of Stand-Up Desks

There is a certain kind of danger in too much sitting. So many people sit all day in various places. We sit in traffic on the way to work, sit at a desk all day, sit in traffic on the way home, sit to eat, and sit in front of the television or computer screen in the evening. Even when the doctor suggests that some time exercising might help, there is still a sitting option - an exercise bike. So how about cutting back on some of that sitting with a stand-up desk?

A desk is not just a desk. This is especially true when it comes to choosing a stand-up desk.

Fixed Standing Desk - This kind of standing desk is built to a particular height and doesn’t change. It could be a countertop or a platform on a trolley or a built-in desk.

Mechanical Adjustable Stand Up Desk - A manually adjustable standing desk that can change its position to suit users of different heights. Once this type of desk is set, changing the elevation can take a bit of work due to its manual operation.

Electric Adjustable Stand Up DeskElectric standing desks are great for someone who wants to change the position of the desk a number of times a day. They have an electric lift to allow the desk to rise or come down as the user requires. The beauty of these is they are quiet, and they go up and down smoothly so that nothing is disturbed. Programmable presets make it easy to change the height of the desk to the user’s preference several times a day.

Stand-Up Desk Converter - this is a small table that sits on top of a regular fixed-height desk and rises up and down. It usually moves just the computer stand, of the table-top portion. It can be a much cheaper option, but the drawbacks of this are that the desktop is not as stable in its movement or its placement. However, you can easily and inexpensively convert your existing desk into a standing workstation.

The best option is a desk that moves easily from sitting to standing. This is because, of course, no one is suggesting an abrupt change from sitting all day to standing all day. That is why these desks can change their height and position just as the user can. In fact, every twenty minutes, people should be making a shift from sitting to standing, or from simple standing into a moving position. Even sitting differently is an option. Instead of sitting when you get tired, try leaning, kneeling, or using a stool instead of a chair. Finding the right chair to go with the right type of stand up desk is another way you can customize your workstation for a happier you. Making these simple changes can make a big difference to health, mood, and energy.

Stand up desks are here to stay. Find the right one for you by talking to people who build them. Working at your desk will never be the same.