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The Many Advantages of a Dual Motor Standing Desk

The Many Advantages of a Dual Motor Standing Desk

As more and more studies are completed regarding our dependency on technology, we are learning that sitting for long periods of time has a negative impact on your health. Not only can it increase your risk of diabetes and heart disease, but it can also lead to eye damage, posture issues, and increased signs of early aging. This is a major problem for many of us considering how much time we spend hunched over staring at screens. However, solutions continue to this modern-day dilemma continue to arise — meet the RISE Dual Motor Standing Desk. A standing desk allows you to stand up to work more comfortably, and the advantages are plentiful:

  1. Adjust the Height

Don’t let the title fool you. Opting for a standing desk doesn't mean you are committing to standing for the entire workday. Modern standing desks like the Dual Motor Standing Desk are fully adjustable. Start your day off by sitting and then gradually raise your desk until you are fully standing.

  1. Lower Blood Sugar

While it is normal for your blood sugar level to increase after a meal, blood sugar increases have been linked to poor health. In fact, if you are an individual who has larger spikes of blood sugar than normal, you are at a higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Standing rather than sitting at the Dual Motor Standing Desk after eating can reduce your blood sugar levels up to 43% and involves absolutely no movement.

  1. Reduce Back and Hip Pain

80% of adults will experience back and hip pain over their lifetime. Surprisingly, this complaint is especially popular amongst people who have jobs that require them to sit all day. Many studies have explored the connection between long-term back pain and the people who work in offices. Unlike traditional desk setups, the Dual Motor Standing Desk gives you the flexibility of choosing when to stand and when to sit. Even standing for an hour a day can significantly reduce the pain in your back, hips, and neck!

  1. Boost Your Productivity 

It can be hard to make it through a mid-day lull, especially if you just had a big lunch. While we would love to crawl away for a little snooze, we must return to our desk and finish the rest of our work day. The best way to boost your productivity isn’t another cup of coffee or sugary pickup; it’s a short burst of exercise. Take a power walk through the office or around the building, and adjust your dual motor standing desk, so you are standing instead of sitting. It’s the perfect way to get an energy boost in without breaking a sweat.

  1. Less Chance of Heart Disease

Standing burns 0.07 calories per minute. Compared to a vigorous workout, that may not seem like much but spread that out over the course of a year, and you could burn approximately 30,000 calories. It isn’t shocking that sitting all day increases our risk of developing heart disease. However, incorporating the dual motor standing desk into your workstation allows you to move while you work. This can lead to more calorie burning and ultimately, a healthier lifestyle.