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Tips for Choosing the Best Standing Desk for Your Office

Tips for Choosing the Best Standing Desk for Your Office

Are you annoyed with having to sit all day at work without stand up style office desk? There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a stand up office desk these days, from ones that sit on your current desk, or a full desk that is at standing height, or a variation of the two that is adjustable. The following are some tips for choosing the best standing desk for your office that will suit your personal preferences.

Choose the Right Type of Standing Desk

When you look online for stand up office desks, you’ll find dozens and dozens of different styles, and it can be overwhelming. Here are the most common styles and their benefits:

Standing Desk Converter: These are designed to be placed on your current desk and come in fixed height or adjustable. Adjustable is good if you are just testing the waters for a stand up office desk. 

Adjustable Standing Desk: The standup office desk that is fully adjustable, moving your entire working surface up and down as needed. Comes in either manually adjusted, or automatic motorized adjusted, depending on the price range.

Mounted Desk Converter: The mounted desk converter is just like the standing desk converter, except it mounts onto the back of your desk, clamping onto the edge of the surface. This has the added bonus of being portable. 

Exercise Desk: These are standing desks with built-in exercise equipment, like a treadmill. This would likely be more of an option for a home office, rather than a professional setting.

Setting the Right Height Range

It is important that the standup office desk you choose has the right height range for you. You don’t want to get a standing desk that isn’t going to be able to adjust to the height that is most ergonomically comfortable for you. It would also be beneficial to have a standing desk that has customizable height options for the keyboard/mouse and monitors. In addition, if you are in a shared office space, consider getting a desk with more customization options to account for the height and sit/stand preferences of all your coworkers.


There are several automation options available for standup office desks. If you aren’t going to be adjusting every option, manual adjusting can be good enough, but if you have a shared office space, or plan on transitioning from sitting to standing throughout the day, the motorized adjustment is going to be easier.


It is always good practice when you are getting new office furniture, particularly standup office desks, that you understand the costs associated with material quality, automated height controls, and other functions of the desk. Make sure the model you choose is going to work for you, but also ensure you stay within your budget. When you look at desk converters, compared to automatic height adjustable standing desks, you can get into a price range of $25 to $750 or more. So think, is it worth the price for the more expensive option? In a shared office space, it may be worth the extra cost to have the automatic adjustment, but if you are a student or on a tight budget, opt for the desk converter to start.

High-Quality Custom Sit-Stand Desks for Your Office

If you are looking for a stand up office desk for your office that has a range of customization options, automated height adjustment, and high-quality construction, check out Easy Ergo’s RISE Custom Sit-Stand Desk.